Samui Diamond

Payment Terms:

Booking deposit
A 20% booking deposit is required on receipt of confirmed availability, this is to be paid within 72 hours to guarantee your reservation, if payment is not received except by prior arrangement the company reserves the right to re-let the dates offered. The number of persons as listed on the booking detail for occupation is final, any extra persons found to be occupying the property will be charged for at a rate of 500 baht a day or asked to leave the premises.



Our payment terms are 20% deposit as above, 30% eight weeks prior to arrival with the remaining 50% due on arrival in the currency agreed. Deposit payments can be made by Visa/MasterCard or by Bank Transfer, the remaining payment must be paid in cash. If the client wishes to pay the balance by Credit/MasterCard a 3.5% charge to cover merchant costs will be applied.
As stated under 'Booking Deposit' above all payments are due within 72 hours of due date, if payments are not received in that period a cancellation notice will be issued. Unless otherwise agreed in writing after a further 48 hours without payment or any correspondence the booking will be cancelled, no refund will be made.


Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation by the guest
It is understood that cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances occur from time to time. Please ensure you have adequate insurance cover for this eventuality.

Our refund policy is as follows:
20% deposit No Refund
56 to 62 days 75% of monies paid excepting deposit
42 to 55 days 50% of monies paid excepting deposit
35 to 41 days 25% of monies paid excepting deposit
28 to 34 days 10% of monies paid excepting deposit
27 days or less no refund can be applied.
Please be aware that if you cancel your villa booking, you will lose the 20% deposit.

Again please ensure you have adequate travel insurance cover.

Cancellation by the property manager
It is extremely unlikely this would ever be the case due to the number of properties we own/manage, however, we reserve the right to find you alternative accommodation similar to that booked or refund all monies paid. We cannot accept any further liability other than the above, please ensure you have adequate insurance.


If you are curious to hear more about what we can offer, do not hesitate to get in touch